Why Box Soccer Training ?

 Let our developer the Newcastle United and ex Valencia, Rio Ave and Dundee United coach tell you:

"Years ago when I created Box soccer training - the objective was clear, create a training environment that increases contact time with the ball. A category of exercises that, not only, develop technique but stimulate football's simple and common scenarios. Each time I look back at the work, I'm convinced it achieves this objective like no other. Every young player needs a variety of training environments to develop the vast array of skills and game intelligence necessary to step towards the professional game - but everyone needs the best start. For me Box Soccer does exactly this. Every journey has to have the correct starting point. I believe BoxSoccer is the perfect foundation for young footballers.

It's for this reason I will continue to support the work of Box Soccer and be on hand to help in the development of the programme for our coaches and young players. "

How can you experience BoxSoccertraining ?

We run BoxSoccer sessions delivered by Coaches who have personally been trained and are monitored by our Coaching Staff. Our partnership with Coach Logic ensures we give our Coaches constant help.

We are expanding but even if we don't already have a presence in your area we can arrange for a visit by BoxSoccer coaches.

We will deliver holiday camps, inservice days camps, single or even regular sessions for the players in your community or club to enjoy and learn from. 


Coaches are they important ?

Our coaches are vital to the BoxSoccer programme. We believe BoxSoccer is a world class development programme.

However, the information being shared with the players in a safe fun environment is key to unlocking potential whatever the level.

We believe we provide an unrivalled Coach Education programme to ensure every BoxSoccer coach delivers to the highest standards. 

Players, coaches and parents can see the progress being made at BoxSoccer.

If your child attended piano lessons every week but never improved enough to play a tune you would not be happy. Too often, where football is concerned, we are happy to settle for second best. Here at BoxSoccer we don't! 


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